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Welcome to Delta Pro Ladder Transit!

The safest way to transport your ladder. 
Australian invented.  Australian designed.  Australian owned. 
And manufactured right here in Australia.


I'm a tradie in the electrical industry, and a staple tool for anyone in this industry is a ladder….or two!   I happen to have two on my work van.  An extension ladder and an A-Frame.

These ladders sit on ladder rails on the roof, and when tied on properly they have never budged.  Keywords there - when tied on properly.

There was an occasion when a work colleague borrowed my ladder whilst I was off doing something else.  He returned the ladder to my vehicle with me being none the wiser that it was ever used.

Then when I was driving home from work I received a call from another team member who suggested I stop the vehicle and check to see if my ladder was still on the roof...  and it wasn't. 

I found out it had fallen off on an 80km/h two-way highway and caused another vehicle to come to a screeching and harrowing stop to avoid hitting the ladder. In turn, this caused the vehicle behind them to come to an equally harrowing stop to avoid hitting that first vehicle. 

I had no idea the ladder had fallen off, and thankfully, no accident occurred.  A quick call by a witness to my place of work, and the culprit (me) was not only found, but he got his ladder back.

So what happened??? 

After a bit of investigation I learned that the colleague who had borrowed the ladder, was in the middle of putting it back on the roof when he was distracted by a technical question from another worker ... and just like that, the thought of tying on the ladder left his brain, never to return. 

So this got me thinking that there must be a way to secure a ladder onto a vehicle, without having to think about the next step of tying it on.

My mind went through a series of scenarios over a few weeks and months, I created a few 3D printed models, had a couple of prototypes built, and a few failures later, I finally arrived at the Ladder Transit as it is today. Throw the ladder on, and it automatically locks in place as it’s pushed into the rack.

Since starting this project, I've spoken to a number of tradies who have also had the unfortunate experience of losing a ladder from their vehicle (an incident which can be both costly and dangerous).  The Ladder Transit is designed to reduce these incidents, by locking your ladder in place as soon as it's loaded - that's it, no second step required.

So use the Ladder Transit - the safest way to transport your ladder.  


Picture of work van with ladder loaded in Ladder Transit on roof.  Text Load and Lock your Ladder in one easy motion.