the SAFEST way to transport your ladder

Loose Ladders cause Road Accidents

A ladder falls from a moving vehicle once every week.

Actually, we made that up.  There is no accurate statistic.  You know why?  Because most instances of ladders falling from vehicles are NEVER REPORTED.

Not surprising, because the consequences of losing a ladder on the roads can be severe…  including fines for driving with unsecured load (can be up to $11k personal and $80k corporate); liability for any property damage or personal injury caused (can be hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars); and criminal prosecution.  Just to name a few.


Unsecured ladders are dangerous.

And we're not making that up.  Too often, a tradie has incorrectly (or not at all) secured a ladder to their vehicle, only to have it end up on the road behind them, causing havoc to other road users.

Check out the links below for just a few examples of some of the problems caused by loose ladders.

And don't risk causing such an incident yourself.

The Ladder Transit is the smartest, safest way to transport ladders.  It AUTOMATICALLY locks your ladder in place the moment it's loaded into the unit, so there's no room for human error, and no chance of your ladder ever coming loose during transit and causing an accident.

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