the SAFEST way to transport your ladder

The Ladder Transit

The Ladder Transit is the safest way to transport your ladder.

Ever come across a ladder on the side of the road?  Or even worse, on the road itself? Maybe you've even lost one from your own vehicle.

You don't have to talk to many tradies to find one who has either lost a ladder from their vehicle,  or knows someone who has....

The sad reality is - remembering to tie down your ladder and secure it properly to your vehicle can be an easily missed step.  I know it often happens that a tradie can throw their ladder up on their roof racks, thinking they'll come back and tie it down in a minute,  only to be distracted by other jobs and then drive away forgetting all about properly securing their ladder.

Ladder lying in middle of road

An unsecured ladder is risky.   You risk damaging (or losing) your ladder and having to spend $$ replacing it.  And worse, you risk your ladder becoming a hazard - a projectile into another vehicle, or an unexpected obstacle on the road - potentially causing an accident which could result in injury or even death.

The answer?  The Ladder Transit.
Designed and made here in Australia,  the Ladder Transit makes the transport of your ladder safer and easier, by AUTOMATICALLY locking your ladder in place, the moment you've loaded it into the Ladder Transit.

That's it, done, no second step (or mental thought or physical effort) required.
Loaded IS Locked. And your ladder is secure and safe for travel.

The Ladder Transit is quick to install on your vehicle, and easy to use. It has been invented by a tradie who regularly loads and unloads a ladder from his vehicle.

Check out this video to see a ladder loaded AND unloaded in less than 40 seconds!


As you load the ladder, the Ladder Transit will collapse to the closed and locked position. The rung locks and front striker bar on the Ladder Transit then hold the ladder in place. There's also a safety catch at the rear of the Ladder Transit which ensures it remains in the closed position, making doubly sure that your ladder isn't going anywhere!

There is no need for any further straps or tie downs... saving you time and headspace, and making sure your ladder stays safe and secure until you're ready to remove it from the vehicle.

The patented design of the Ladder Transit makes use of gravity, a traction strut, and over-centre position of the top frame to ensure that the Ladder Transit stays in the open position ready to load the ladder.  When the ladder is loaded and hits the striker bar at the front end, it forces the frame to come back across centre.  Then gravity and the traction strut force the frame to collapse.  Whilst still maintaining forward motion with the ladder, the rung locks follow the ladder into the Ladder Transit and come to rest just behind a set of rungs on the ladder, thus stopping the ladder from sliding back out of the frame.

The bulk of the Ladder Transit is made from aluminium, limiting weight on the vehicle.


Ladder Transit in position on roof racks on vehicle, top of image shows in open, unloaded position, and bottom image shows ladder transit with ladded loaded in closed / locked position


Loading and unloading your ladder is a quick and easy process with the Ladder Transit.

One Step to Load, Three Steps to Unload.


Step 1. Slide your ladder firmly into the Ladder Transit all the way, maintaining momentum as the top rung (or chain) of your ladder hits the front striker bar. This pressure on the striker bar causes the Ladder Transit to collapse forward, snapping shut and locking the ladder in place. That's it. Done. Ready to drive away.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Step 1. Pull and hold the safety catch open.

Step 2. Pull down on the handle. This will 'open' the Ladder Transit, and the front striker bar will push the rear of the ladder out towards you.

Step 3. Take hold of your ladder, and slide it out to fully remove it from the Ladder Transit.

Process of Using Ladder Transit, shown in Steps.  Step 1 shows Loading the Ladder - sliding it fully into the Ladder Transit.  3 Steps to Unload Ladder...  Step 1 pull and hold safety catch, Step 2, pull downwards on hand, Step 3. Remove ladder.

100% Australian

Delta Pro Ladder Transit is 100% Australian designed, Australian made, and Australian owned.  Shows map of Australia, and Ladders.


Installing the ladder transit onto your existing uni-strut-style roof racks is quick and simple.

Simply remove your existing ladder rails (if you have them), and attach the ladder transit using the provided Z-brackets, onto your existing roof racks.

The whole process should take less than 20 minutes.

See full installation instructions here...

Close up showing Ladder Transit attached to existing roof racks with supplied custom Z brackets.  Location of Z brackets shown in yellow circles.
Front view of ladder loaded and locked in Ladder Transit on roofracks of workvan


Load and Lock your Ladder in one easy motion - making the Ladder Transit the SAFEST way to transport your ladder on a vehicle.

No more remembering to tie it down.

If your ladder is loaded - it's locked.